Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sweet Annie and Watermelon pics!

This is actually 3 Sweet Annie plants, I just took them out of the pot I started them in and planted in the ground as they were. I know they would have been bigger if I would have started them directly in the ground, but not knowing what they looked like I thought pots would be better. They do seem to be growing faster now that they are in the ground.

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On another note, I wanted to show a pic of the watermelons hubby is growing. This is the first ones we have ever grown. Jeff always like to do unique things so he found these seeds for North Carolina Giant watermelons. They are getting huge.....this one on the right in the pic is about 18-22 inches long and if I measured just across the top it would be at least 12". The one on the left is smaller but it is catching up fast and they have a long growth time left, yikes! I wonder how they will taste but the package says they are surprisingly sweet.


Oh yeah, from what we can see and count, we have about 12-14 of these monsters LOL


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