Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are now into the 6th of January already. It seems this year is going to fly by as fast as the past year did. I am trying my hardest to live up to my resolutions of getting organized and finding ways to be more productive. If only I had a maid, cook and a million dollar bank account. My dreams would be much easier to reach. Instead I work full time, do all the cooking and cleaning, and handle all the financial responsibilities. And my husband thinks I am nuts when I say I'd much rather be a man. Now I am not saying all men are alike, but from talking to my friends, it seems most of them are! Enough of that rant, I surely don't want to make anyone upset. I just get so frustrated that I cannot find enough time in a day and there is always something around the house that needs doing.

I am slowly working on some Valentine projects, here is one that is currently listed at eBay.

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